Meet Our Team
Cara (Watts) Pratt - Senior Investment Manager

Property Management has not been just a job for me, it has been a passion and a career for over 25 years. To this day I still love what I do and enjoy coming to work every single day. My main goal is to provide an exceptional level of service to all of my clients and stakeholders, whether they are landlords, tenants or tradespeople. 

Being able to communicate effectively and efficiently between all parties is the key to my success and frankly, my sanity. In a high pressure, high stress job, I am most certainly one of the lucky few that have wonderful relationships with all of my clients which results in a peaceful nights sleep and days that are as stress-free as property management allows.

My approach to looking after all of my clients has kept me in good stead throughout the years. In an industry rife with inexperience, a lack of care and staff transience, I have stood the test of time as I hold myself to a higher standard and this is borne out with the genuine love for what I do.

As testament to my years of successful property management I have a great many clients who trust me with their properties enough to have followed me here to OKE Property Services where I have settled in for the long term...

 Elizabeth Morland - Trainee Investment Manager

I am extremely excited to have joined the OKE team in 2022 and look forward to the demanding opportunity that this role represents and I am thrilled about starting my new career. I am enthusiastic about contributing to the team and helping keep all of our clients happy and informed.

Having come from a child care education background over the past 4 years, I am confident that my communication skills, extremely high level of people skills, strong work ethic and high standards will transfer successfully to my role here at OKE.

I look forward to working closely with all of our clients and having the opportunity to introduce myself to everyone!