Meet Our Team
David Caldwell - Senior Investment Manager

I came to Australia from NZ in 1998 with my wife Shirley and our 6 children. In around 2006 it occurred to my wife Shirley and I that with no super and time rolling by we needed to do something radical if we were to prepare for our retirement. Having had some limited association with property in NZ, we decided that we were more comfortable with property as an investment vehicle and decided to ‘have a go’. Consequently over the past few years we have bought, renovated/refurbished and sold 9 units and 2 houses - and built 6 houses!

During part of that time I also worked as a finance strategist/mortgage broker. My Father used to say, “Experience is the best
teacher but the tuition fees are high.” No more so than in the area of investment. 

It is with the benefit of my personal experience in property, finance and understand and working with Property Managers (both good and bad) over my many years, that I approach my role as a Director and Senior Investment Manager at OKE Property Services.