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Cleaning prior to a routine inspection

Three to four times a year a routine inspection rolls around and as a tenant it can be daunting to be sure that you have cleaned in areas that you may forget about otherwise. As property managers it is our job to bring to attention any areas that may require maintenance or may have been forgotten about. To help you with this we have collated a list that you can use as a reference to ensure all areas are clean prior to your routine inspection

Ceiling Fans

Look up or you may miss them! One of the top issues we see as property managers is dust build up on ceiling fans, you may think this is not a big deal, but if dust is left on the fans for a long period of time and continues to accumulate, it can leave dark stains on the blades which are very difficult to remove and cause the blades to rust prematurely. OKE PROPERTY TIP! To save time use old stockings you may have around the house and cut them to go over the fan blades so once they become dusty you can just wash the stockings and reuse!


Windowsills are another place in the home where dust can accumulate quickly and be easily forgotten about, before your next routine inspection pull back the blinds and check for dust!

Just like ceiling fans, if left for long periods of time windowsills can become damaged/stained due to dust accumulation.

Mould in the shower

Cleaning mould in the silicon and grout in the shower when you first see it is vital to keeping it at a minimum. Once mould has grown 'roots' into grout and silicon it can be very difficult to remove. Monitoring and year-round cleaning can assist in keeping the mould at bay. For more information on cleaning mould in the shower click the link below!

Weeds and the garden

Weeds, they grow quickly, and they spread quickly. As part of our routine inspections, we are required to report on not only the properties interior but also the exterior. Lawns and gardens can become overgrown quickly, especially if there has been extended periods of both rain and sunshine. If you have a busy schedule and find it difficult to maintain your lawn, please contact us and we will be able to forward you our contact for a gardener. Alternatively search gardeners in the Sunshine Coast area and select one which suits your preferences! Click the link below for tips on maintaining your lawn.


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