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Why do we perform routine inspections?

Routine inspections are a vital part of a property managers day to day role. Not only are they a great time to discuss maintenance requests, ultimately, the goal of any inspection is also to protect the equity in the property for the enjoyment of owners and residents. According to the Residential Tenancies Act, routine inspections can occur as often as 4 times a year (a maximum of once every 3 months). Every agency has a different policy but here at OKE Property Services we conduct the first inspection 6 weeks after a new tenant has moved in, then every 3-4 months following that.

In terms of notice periods, we endeavour to give tenants a minimum of one months', notice then a follow up reminder in the week leading up to the inspection (this may not always be possible depending on the circumstance) This allows for plenty of time to prepare for the inspection and think of any maintenance issues that may have arisen in the months following the prior inspection.

Ideally, we spend between 10 and 20 minutes inspecting the property and discussing any maintenance issues with tenants. In the event that tenants are not able to be home for the inspection we will access the property with the keys which we hold in the office. If tenants have any maintenance they wish to bring to our attention we request that they email us with a list or leave a list on the kitchen table for our team to review and include in our report.

What do we look for during routine inspections?

  1. To Identify any maintenance issues so they can be attended to before they become a larger issue.

  2. To ensure the property is being looked after in a clean and tidy manner.

  3. To ensure that the property is safe for the occupants and their guests.

  4. To ensure the terms and conditions specified in the tenancy agreement are respected.

How do we perform routine inspections?

To ensure maximum efficiency we use a mobile or iPad which links to our property management software. During the inspections we will take general photos of the property as well as any areas that may require attention. We will also record any maintenance issues that require actioning. After the inspections have been completed, we complete the inspection write up. Both tenants and owners receive a copy of the report so tenants are aware of any items which may require attention and, so owners are aware of how the property is being maintained and if there are any maintenance items that we require approval for.

Final thoughts

Routine inspections, whilst ensuring that the owner's interests are safeguarded, also ensure that the wellbeing of tenants and their guests is being upheld.

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